DOWNLOAD-K.MOVIE] Coin Locker Girl / 차이나타운 [2015] Subtitle

Free DOWNLOAD-K.MOVIE] Coin Locker Girl / 차이나타운 [2015] Subtitle

Details: Coin Locker Girl / 차이나타운 [2015] Subtitle
Movie: Coin Locker Girl (English title) / Chinatown (Korean English title)
Revised romanization: Chainatawoon
Hangul: 차이나 타운
Director: Han Jun-Hee
Release Date: April 30, 2015
Distributor: Arthouse CGV
Language: Korean
Country: South Adhel Shin Taeyeon

CAST Coin Locker Girl / 차이나타운 [2015] 
Kim Hye-Soo
Go-Eun Kim
Um Tae-Goo
Park Bo-Gum
Ko Gyung-pyo
Lee Soo-kyung

synopsis:Coin Locker Girl / 차이나타운 [2015] 

A newborn girl was placed in the coin operated lockers at subway stations. The girl was raised by a mother (Kim Hye - Soo) who is the boss for groups of moneylenders. Then, when the girl has grown into a teenager, she performed the mission given to him by her mother.

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