Download Drama Korea Salute D'Amour (K-Movie) Sub English And Indonesia

Free Download Drama Korea  Salute D'Amour (K-Movie) Sub English And Indonesia

CAST Salute D'Amour (K-Movie) 

Park Keun-Hyeong - Sung-Chil (Jang-Soo store's employee)
Youn Yuh-Jung - Geum-Nim
Cho Jin-Woong - Jang-Soo (Jang-Soo store owner)
Han Ji-Min - Min-Jung (Geum-Nim's daughter)
Hwang Woo Seul Hye - Cafe Employee Park
Chanyeol - Min-Sung (A-Young's boyfriend)
Mun Ka-Young - A-Young (Jang-Soo's daughter)
Kim Jung-Tae - Charles (laundry owner)

About Drama Korea movie Salute D'Amour (K-Movie) 

Revised romanization : Jangsoosanghwe
Hangul : 장수상회
Release Date : 9 April 2015
Runtime :
Language : Korean
Country : South Korea

synopsis Drama Korea movie Salute D'Amour (K-Movie) 

Movie follows the romantic relationship between an elderly couple, Sung-Chil (Park Keun-Hyeong) and Geum-Nim (Youn Yuh-Jung) and the stories of their family and neighbors.

Sung-Chil works at the Jang-Soo Store which is owned by Jang-Soo (Cho Jin-Woong). Sung-Chil is stubborn and has a bad temper, but he changes after meeting Geum-Nim (Youn Yuh-Jung). Geun-Nim runs a flower shop and her daughter Min-Jung (Han Ji-Min) does not like her meeting Sung-Chil. 

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